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Our projects

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PLATO – Practice Training PLATfOrm

PLATO is an integrated platform designed and developed by SI4LIFE for the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) to facilitate online training, e-learning and discussion through a virtual community of practice (VCP).

PLATO focuses on allowing decision-, opinion- and policymakers (DOPs) at the local or regional level to have broader, faster and virtual access to scientific content. In addition, the platform aims to foster active stakeholder involvement in the production and use of content and facilitate experience sharing.

Currently, e-learning courses on PLATO focus on the advanced modules of the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) for decision-, opinion- and policymakers (DOPs).

To access them, participants must first complete the first two core modules of the EUPC, either during in-person or online training directly on PLATO.

Participants who register on the platform can also access a wide range of interactive content such as video lectures (synchronous or asynchronous), training materials for self-development, individual and group assignments, and exercises.

The goal of the Virtual Community of Practice (VCP) within PLATO is to be a forum for professionals trained on the EUPC to exchange practices, experiences and real-life challenges.

FUnded by EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre on Drug Disease Addiction)