Si4Life is a member of ALISEI, a National Life Sciences Technology Cluster that aims to be a central entity at the national level for the direction and promotion of research and development, innovation and technology transfer in the Life Sciences area.

ALISEI is a facilitator and accelerator of the process of knowledge and technology transfer from the multidisciplinary research sector to that of the pharmaceutical-biomedical industry. It also encourages the attraction of public and/or private capital, which is essential for the development of innovative projects. The Cluster promotes and enhances cooperation and innovation by networking the best experiences in the country: companies, universities, public research institutions, advanced production facilities and high value-added services.


Si4Life is part of the Ligurian Life Sciences Cluster (PLSV), a Research and Innovation Cluster of the Liguria Region that brings together all the most important public and private entities (the business associations, research organizations, hospital and health facilities and third sector operators) operating in various capacities in the life sciences sector to better respond to the needs of the territory, thus making the Region and businesses more competitive in the field of high-tech health.

PLSV wants to establish itself as a model of development and competitiveness for industrial, production and research systems in the field of Life Sciences, stimulating the demand for innovation and technology transfer, and the construction of a connective tissue that supports and increases the operations of the companies involved.

PLSV and its members share the common goal of fully developing the potential of the public-private system of research, production, and services and promoting the quality of life of citizens.


SI4Life, bringing experts in the field of active and healthy aging together and having participated in several projects in the field of health, is part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP AHA). EIP AHA is a network that joins EU-funded projects and other initiatives promoting active and healthy aging into a single framework for mutual learning and policy development. It brings stakeholders at the European, national, and regional level together, including public authorities, research institutions, policymakers, businesses, and NGOs. Regions, cities or care organizations can become reference sites if they are able to prove their impact through innovative practices on active and healthy aging: it is precisely in this context, and thanks to its know-how in this area, that SI4Life has been included in the Regional Reference Site network on active aging of Regione Liguria