OpenDay SI4Life

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SI4Life and Gruppo Giovani Confindustria Genovapromote an Open Day to introduce to Companies, Research Institutions and Research Area the Consortium activity and its 24 partners. SI4Life is a new scientific-technological Innovation Hub in Italy with the aim of improving the quality of life of elderly and disabled people. SI4Life wants to create systematic synergies and technological transfer between Industry and Health Facilities into Life Science area.

4 areas will show research and development main framework– ment to develop new tools, aids and prosthetic products enhancing social integration and achievements, recovery skills, autonomy and quality of life for elderly people and individuals with sensory (vision, hearing), neuromotor and cognitive disabilities. Innovative rehabilitation and educational re-training methods, merged with high-tech instruments, are meant to reduce hospitalization and contain healthcare costs.


May 7th 2013, 9.30 am Auditorium di Confindustria Genova

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