SENECA - ICT-20-2015

SENECA: Smart Game Based Learning Simulating Business Environment for Education and Businesses
ICT-20-2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching
Coordinator: INOVA+ Serviços de Consultadoria em InovaçãoTecnológica

The SENECA project directly addresses the challenges of Smart Game Based Learning Simulating Business Environment for Education and Businesses. Its starting point is the developed strategic gamified business simulation Virtonomics that has been designed and introduced by the private sector. SENECA takes on board the Virtonomics game and seeks to adapt,
customise and complement it in order to bring the business simulation to a higher level that could be formally recognised at schools, universities and industrial companies providing vocational training at the same time stimulating entrepreneurship spirit and increasing a success arte of start-ups. The goal of SENECA is to create an innovative learning methodology and tools using interactive gamified ICT environment in order to reinforce economics, management and entrepreneurship skills though formal and informal education at school, university and vocational training levels. SENECA targets objectives that are measurable, verifiable and achievable within the project life time, and that include: a) Formalise the strategic gamified business simulation Virtonomics for business management and entrepreneurship curriculums at three levels - schools, universities and vocational; b) Create smart and gamified learning methodology supported by ICT tools; c) Validate the innovative SENECA solution for interactive, smart and gamified learning through large scale pilots; d) Support entrepreneurship spirit and reinforce a successful start-ups establishment in Europe; and e) Engage into a multi-stakeholder dialogue.