EPILOG - PHC21 -2015

EPILOG: Epigenetic Longevity Risk Detection and Intervention
PHC 21 – 2015: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: Early risk detection and intervention
Coordinator: HAIFA University (Israel)

The aim of the project is to conduct epigenetic surveillance of elderly people and correlating epigenetic markers with functional/cognitive markers of frailty. In particular, the gist of this proposal is to collect the epigenetic biomarkers of centenarians in correlation with their cognitive/functional status (comparing different countries/environments/ethnic characteristics), select the most informative markers and test a variety of therapeutic interventions (including stem cells and possibly nanoparticles) as well as a variety of ICT interventions (including coaching apps and possibly games) to mimic/induce the epigenetic status of healthy aging, as presumably found in the centenarians as opposed to the normally aging (not so excepptionallly healthy) subjects.